The rain.  Oh the rain.

I have just one question:  Who’ll stop it?

Feeling water logged, soggy and a teensy bit tipsy.

Yes, the rain made me drink tonight.

Stopped by the local watering hole, to join a friend who was in pain.

After 3 hours, I think the pain had eased up a tad.  Ha!

Oh what a great Friday night it was.

The cats, of course, were waiting for me, to come home.

I know now why they have a love/hate relationship with me.

I am the only one around.

And I do occasionally come home, half in the bag, to feed them.

I have observed, however, that regardless of what they eat, they stare at me, relentlessly, until I feed them again.

What the hell?
I am not a fabulous cat owner.

I am just a mediocre substitute for their true love, Jimmy, who had the nerve to die and to leave me with these 2 beasts.

And so, on this Friday evening, in July, reflecting on the day, I have to say that it was a day like no other.

You see, all days are like no other.

If you wake up in the morning,  it is a special gift, to experience whatever life brings to you and to what you bring to life.

Hope we have that opportunity again, tomorrow!




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