For 14 years, I have watched Robyn grow up.

She was the sweetest kid who accompanied her Grandma every month, to the Breakfast Club.

The Breakfast Club is a small group of friends who worked at Metlife, and who decided to keep in touch, forever, when the facility closed.

Little Robyn.

Oh my.

So shy.

When it was her turn to order breakfast, she would look at Grandma Sue, who would say:  “Chocolate milk and pancakes, please.”

As the years went by, Robyn’s interests centered around horses, art, softball and finally, computer games.

Now she is 18, and committed to devoting at least the next 4 years to serving our country, in the Navy.

So young.

So fragile.

So very sweet.

My best wishes go out to you, Rob, as you prepare yourself for boot camp, and your new profession.

God bless you!

And thank you!


You make all of us proud.



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