Hey kiddies….

I upgraded to windows 10

and guess what?

I could not get back into the Bwolf blog.

Oh no.

That won’t do.

No matter how goofy bwolf is, I have to be able access it, especially after an evening with Chris, Chris, Chris and Chris, not to mention Colleen, Jodi, Scott and 2 Irish perverts who invaded the scene.

I ordered a plain Orange Juice, twice, but had a sneaky suspicion that someone spiked my drinks.
Not once, but twice.

Out of control once again.

The crazy greeter, that was me.

The bog beast.

The creature from down under.

The goof who cannot ride a train or wear an apron.

Oh never mind.

I am so silly tonight.

But !!!

I got rid of windows 10

and I ain’t going back.

I can’t wait for tomorrow.

It is bound to be a sparkling day.

But for now, tonight is a fabulous celebration of life.

Just kidding.

It ain’t bad for a Monday night.

Enjoy your life, every day.

It’s all we have.




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