I wanna know;  Have you ever married someone who had absolutely no passion for you?

And: I wanna know:  Is it better to have loved someone intensely, who would have given up everything, just to be with you, regardless of the consequences?

Or have you found true love, and given it up, because you had children who depend on you

Or maybe you decided that life is all about family.


Some of us just want to be loved.

And some of us just want to love.

It’s ok.

I am not sure if there is perfect love.

It seems that love comes and goes.

A word to the wisdom from the chicken butt: Grab it.

Go for it.

Enjoy it.


And have the happiest moments  that will last forever….in your mind and memory.

In the meantime…. have a glass of wine or two.

And toast to those know what I mean.



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