Sinus problems?  Ear problems?  In the middle of summer?


Could not even make it out of bed yesterday.


I decided to face the enemy and go with it.

After all, pain management is not always a pill.

It is mind control.

Yeah,  I don’t feel well.

But I have miles to go today, before I sleep, including all the stuff I didn’t do yesterday and another lovely dental appointment.

I really love summer, but secretly, am happy it isn’t always this hot and humid.


Not for me.

Came home after a few glasses of ice and beer with Sissy Belle.

Such a thoughtful person, bringing me home made mac and cheese, to eat with this crazy temporary dental bridge.

Oh Wow was out all day in the heat.

I tried to warn him, but being an alpha male, he didn’t listen.


He is stretched out, sound asleep.

Puff Daddy was lonely today.

She met me in the basement, as I came home.

Oh how I love my little goofy family.

AC is on, in the bedroom.

Come on you two.

Let’s crash.

Until tomorrow,





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