What is so special about a Friday?


It’s the last work day of the week for most of us.

And we tend to glorify its existence.

Weekend plans looming.

A few days to kick back, to do whatever it is that makes you happy.


It is hot as hell around here.

The cats have plenty of food.

I need to clean, but I also need to decide if I want to kick back, enjoy, or just go wild.

Wild it is.

How about a nice trip to the casino?

I really need to cater to my inner cravings.

At my age, I prefer to work all week, give it hell and then, on the weekend, to indulge in whatever gives me pleasure.

Setting the clock for 5am.

Oh yeah!

An early Saturday to grab a quick breakfast, to hop on over to the casino, to enjoy a day of gaming and finally to come home in the afternoon, to spend the rest of the day with Oh Wow and P. Daddy.

Oh by the way, tonight?

Tim?  You surprised me.

The Armidillos Band?


What a small world.

I know Jimbo enjoyed the nights you guys were on stage, watching Timmy on the drums.

After all, he gave him his first drum lesson.

Oh life!

All of that has passed.

But some of us are still here.


Let’s just enjoy one another, whoever or whatever we are.

What a hoot it is, to be able to connect with those who make us happy and laugh.

I had a wonderful day.


It’s all what you make it.







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