What a softie I am.

Got up early, to get ready for a day’s trip to the casino, and let the Oh Wow cat out.

Time to go.

No Oh Wow.

I just did not have it in my heart to leave that goofy cat out all day in the heat.

Maybe he knew it was not my lucky day, and he decided to keep me at home.

Yes, I stayed home.

Was it productive?

Hell no.

Although I did manage to drink a few cold beers, to settle my nerves.

It’s cloudy now, so time to relax on the deck.



So, in the house I come, to do my dreaded daily routine of teeth whitening.

Why on earth do I get into these ridiculous rituals?

Who gives a %5@##%@ if my teeth all match?

I just want my permanent bridge so I can chow down on a juicy burger.

I think the rain made the humidity soar even higher.

I am going out on the deck, in my pjs, with my whitening kit in my mouth, hoping I will get drenched and cool off.

Later, Gators.






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