Tonight, the guys at the bar passed around a photo of a lovely lady.

She sent her picture to one of them on

They all said the same thing:

“Pass on that one.”

Being the only female bar fly, who hangs with these fellas, I asked, “Why?”

The responses were all the same:

“Buck teeth and funny eyes.”

Knowing what I know after many years of living on this lovely planet, I asked an obvious question:

“Are you judging her on her looks?  If you got to know her, she might be a fantastic person.”

“No”, they said:  “We just can’t get around those eyes and teeth.”

Now, I am not saying these guys are the most attractive guys in the world, but, I learned a lesson tonight.

Looks are what the guys want.

It doesn’t matter what they look like.

In their minds, they deserve a gorgeous woman.

I did a quick survey of these picky guys:

Out of the 5 guys…

  1. Divorced. A real goof.  Doesn’t have the ability to interact on an intellectual level with a woman, man or child.
  2. Divorced:  Lives with someone, but wishes he didn’t.
  3. Divorced.  Has a younger girl friend.  Brags about that.  Travels for his job.  Is only home a night or two every week.  Ok.
  4. Married.  Has fun at the bar when he comes in alone, but when “the wife” is with him, a real drag.
  5. Unknown. By that, I mean, he could be married, but it is highly doubtful.  Woof Woof.  A dog, if you know what I mean.  If he thinks he should be judging anyone on their looks, well, he is not only delusional, he is crazy.

Now, for me?

I like all of these guys.

Not for their looks.

Not for their appeal.

I like people…. all kinds of people.

And I don’t give a rat’s ass what they think about me.

I accept them for what they are.

But tonight, I think I may have captured and understood  that alpha male ego, after seeing their reaction to a photograph.

Oh my my.


Buck teeth?

Funny eyes?

Hey guys!

You should be so lucky.







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