Geez, what a long day.

I wonder:  Was this the longest day of the year?

Well, if not, it sure seemed like it….. from 730 am til 5pm.

A day, at work, when all systems went on hiatus.

A day when the physical inventory needed to be captured.

And it made for an unusually quiet day.

It taught me a lesson:  A busy, wild, normal day is far superior to the laid back day of limited activity.

Maybe I am predisposed to the multi tasking, real time, immediate issues and problems that surface on a regular basis.

I have forgotten how to cope when there is no frenzy, no crisis, no fire drills.

When I left work, I decided to kick back, alone, quietly, with a glass of wine, at my fav watering hole.

So much for that.

4 hours later, I am finally  home, after a raucous, wildly funny and ridiculous craziness with the fabulous Friday night friends who gathered together, to toast to another week of living.

I always know when I have had a marvelous time:  My ribs hurt from laughing.  My face is frozen in a wildly wicked smile, and I am half loaded……. or maybe slightly over half.

Hey, Ray!  Happy “B Day!

Hey, Glenn!  Happy B Day.

Hey Mark:  Love it when you hang with us, way past your curfew.

Hey Gina and Sissy:  Way too cute, both of you.

Justin?  Zhane?  Austin? Bill?  Oh who knows how many of these guys are chomping at the bit to marry me.


I love being a goof.

Cheers everyone!

It is the end of July.

The summer is going way too fast, for me.

My wish for my cyber friends?

Enjoy this Friday night, July 28, 2017.

Life is either a daring adventure…. or it is nothing.

Helen Keller said that.

What an inspiration!

Good night!




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