Confession:  I slept til 7am, went back to bed at 10am and slept til 130pm.

Now, is that a certain sign of old age or what?

Am I finally on the phase of the “winter” chicken, where a normal life is reverting back to the womb?

Have I lived beyond all usefulness?

Am I wasting away?  In Margaritaville?

It was the Greek God’s birthday today.

He took his lovely wife, Jane, and me to dinner.

We ran into Lily Munster and Superman, among many other celebrities.

I had 2 tails.

Charles Dickens would have been proud.

After dinner, we gathered around the watering hole.

Hey those tails made me quite parched.

Thanks Ray.

It was a lovely dinner,….. and evening.

Maybe tomorrow I will do something productive.

But don’t count on it.

My days are numbered.

Besides, Sundays are a day of rest.

I love illogical thinking.



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