He’s not heavy. He’s my brother.

How you feeling about the world today?




Americans against Americans.

Dem vs Reps.

Have vs. Have nots.

What is happening to our world?

I have decided that criticism is tearing us apart.

We may/may not agree with others, and that is ok.

Can we give it a break?

Can we agree to live and let live?

And for now, to do whatever we can, to support our brothers and sisters in Texas and Louisiana?

When every person in the path of Harvey has been accounted for, and is safe, it may be the time to start over again.

Life has never been fair.

So what?

Let’s just take care of those who need us the most right now.

And do what we can to ensure that those who have survived this massive storm, can be assured that we are here for them, to support them, and to provide for them.

We live in a very privileged world.

It is up to us to share with those who are suffering.

God Bless Texas!

And Louisiana!

You can count on us.

You will survive!

And we will be there, for whatever you need.





Hey! That’s life!

Have you ever done some of these stupid things?

  1.  Left stuff in your jeans’ pockets when you threw them in the washing machine?
  2. Sent an incriminating email to the wrong person?
  3. Put a cat door in your basement and find a number of critters using it?
  4. Bought exercise equipment and wonder why?
  5. Go on a diet, get so hungry, eat like a wild woman, and gain weight?
  6. Buy a bottle of wine, try to open it, break the cork screw, find a screw driver and hack the damn thing off?
  7. Say “No more pets”, and a stray kitten shows up?  And guess what?  Need I say more?
  8. Go on a week’s vacation and come back to work, more tired than ever?
  9. Make your lunch in the morning, and when lunch time rolls around, look at that mess and order out?
  10. Act like an idiot?  Wait.  Let’s face it.  That’s no act.


Sunday Adventure


Sitting at the local establishment at 1pm and who should appear, but a tiny dancer in her Toyota.

It was a woman in search of adventure.

Sissy Belle took off to find the Sands casino.

Well…. let’s just say this about that.

After several aborted attempts, and a stop at a nearby Wawa, ta da!

Plopped down at a machine and had a few beers, making a deposit/donation to the gaming association.

3 hours later, we called it quits, as it would soon be twilight, and after a certain age, there can be no driving in the dark.

Yes, Bruce Springstein wanted to dance in the dark, but that was 40 years ago.

After a lovely trip toward the poconos, we found route 33 and made the trek back home.

You know what?

There is way too much traffic in the Lehigh Valley.

After finally arriving at our neighborhood pub, we were greeted by the regulars, who were hanging together on a Sunday eve.

Many laughs, good food, a few more drinks, and we called it a night.

It was one of those spur of the moment spectacular adventures.

I can’t wait for the next one.




A cat with an agenda. Free to anyone who can handle her.

Does anyone enjoy a talking cat at 5am?

On a Saturday?

If so, email me.

I will wrap her up, ship her, and a month’s supply of food to you.

She has become an obnoxious interloper in my life.

Ok, I get it, when I need to get up for work.

She sees the sun rising and insists on an eating frenzy.

But the weekends?

She is a scrawny, emaciated, skeleton of a normal cat.

She only weighs 5 lbs, tops, and is 14 years old.

She is a runt.

She is the ultimate actress:  She glances in the mirror and sees herself as the king of the forest.

A lioness.

All 5 lbs.

And a pain in the ass, every morning.

I am tired, already, and it only 6pm.

When I went shopping, guess what she was doing?



And as soon as she heard the door open this afternoon, she put on the starving act and insisted on another can of food.

Sorry, folks, I would love to blog about serious stuff and all that jazz, but not tonight.

Puff is in control.

A perfectly lovely Saturday night, eradicated by the 5 lb monster, whom I happen to live with.

Good night.

Sleep tight.

I will be back, Puff willing, at 5am tomorrow.





Hear Ye. Hear Ye. The unanswered questions of the century. wink wink…..

Questions for this Friday:

By the way, there is no answer.  Well, I don’t have one, anyway.


  1.  Have you ever tried to explain a problem to an IT person?
  2. Why does a 145 lb. boxer get televised before the fight, in his briefs, with a sausage in his pants?
  3. Have you ever been employed in a customer service position? And if so, are you still sane?
  4. At the end of their  productive lives, cats and dogs get euthanized, a merciful death.  Why not people?
  5. Did Noah really allow insects on the ark?
  6. If you are a working person, does your attitude change on Fridays….. and Mondays?
  7. If you had won the power ball lottery, would you announce it to the world?
  8. You have a choice: Health, Wealth or Happiness?
  9. Country, rock or new age?
  10. Do you really read these ridiculous blogs?  And if so, are you nuts?


Let the good times roll.

Some days are predictable.

Some days , well, you just have to manage by the seat of your pants.

Other days, well, you just have to wing it.

Today, the wing it took over until almost 3pm.

Then, as the clocked ticked on, my mind focused on dinner tonight.

Yes, Prime Rib.


An after dinner drink.

And then?

Back to the neighborhood, only to be joined by people who love to laugh, and to forget about the trials and tribulations of the day.

What a crazy hoot.

As twilight set in, the chicken butt headed home to feed sassy Puff Daddy, who, in on her 11th life.  She has surpassed the 9th life that cats are known to have.

Just as I  have surpassed the average life span of a normal human being.

Did I say normal?

My favorite part of today?

No one mentioned politics.

No one criticized anyone else.

We were all in it together, putting aside our differences, whether we were at work or at play.

How refreshing is that?

Work hard, play hard, while enjoying those who were there, in any particular moment.

Friday tomorrow.

Hope you sleep well, and look forward to the weekend.




Humping it through the work week

A hump in the work week.

Half way through.


At noon.

By 5pm, on the other side of the moon.

All downhill from here.

The morning:  Full of drama and stress.

The afternoon?

Hey, same.


Oh well, tomorrow I would expect nothing less.

A few of the highlights:

Dan is sending MCat and the Cx. B to Tahiti….. well, if he wins the power ball.

Donna worked her axx off today.  She has taken over where Pat left off: The new martyr of the office.

Annika and I had a lovely training session with Rickie Ricardo.  What a hoot.

A photo of Higinio on facebook on vacation:  What the hell is that on his head?

Happy hour was a raucous cacophony of ridiculous nonsense.  Loved it!

Jimmy was wound up beyond reason.

It was a very happy hour.

Home now.

Poppy top.

Hope you are all enjoying the great weather tonight.

No rain!!!!!

Until tomorrow,



Don’t even bother to read this. Drunk Chicken on the loose

It may not sound very nice, but it is true:  I had a ball removed today.

I was tired of that @$@$!@5# ball.

It irritated me day and night.

5am:  Waking up to the ball in my mouth.

Noon:   Trying to eat lunch with that damn ball in my way.

5pm:  Even a few drinks did not eliminate that bally feeling.

Reminded me of that old song :”You lost that ballsy feeling….”  Righteous Brothers, right?

My tongue would automatically cling to the ball, as I went through my daily life.

After one day in the desert sun, I saw birds and rocks and balls.

4 days later, and I had to call:

Doctor Doctor give me the news.  I’ve got a bad case of loving my ball.

“Yeah, ok, be here at 11am.”

In a few minutes, it was over.

I am now ball-less.

I celebrated tonight.

Toasted to what was…. and what no longer existed.

Later?  I am putting that ball under my pillow,  pretending I am asleep, while the ball fairy pays me a visit.

Want to hear a secret?

I miss that ball.

Remember:  Be careful what you ask for. It just might come true.


The Chicken B without a B

Unity ? Not likely.



Why does Puff Daddy insist on rising before the sun rises?

And what’s with N Korea?

Is it that they miss being in the news?

Frankly, I am tired of it.

Crying wolf is getting old.

Seems  like the US is tearing itself apart.

Bannon is back at his old job.


Who cares?

Trump seems to thrive on whatever pops up in his mind.

His kids?

Hell, who knows?

If they are making strategic decisions, where have they been the last few days?

I believe that Trump is a closet drama queen.

I pity those who report to him, never knowing how he will respond to any given situation.

If I could talk to him, I would  have very few words to say:

Hey DT:  Leaders empower others.

Leaders listen to their constituents.

Leaders do not look back on their accomplishments, praising their own past performance.

Leaders recognize their failures and faults and learn from them.

Leaders are humble.

Leaders are not afraid to apologize, when they were wrong.

Leaders support diversity and partnering with those in other countries.

What happened to us when we elected a president who feels his personal accomplishments outweigh every thing else.

He needs to win.

To never apologize.

He is never wrong.

Hey DT:  Wake up.

Your ego may just be the end of life as we know it in this country.

I for one, don’t give a rat’s ass about your fragile sense of worth that you parade in front of us.

I want a leader, who has the peoples’ best interests at heart.


Free range chicken on a Saturday

Following the torrential rains of yesterday, the weather improved, but…

I slept til 1030am and missed the breakfast club.

The humidity was oppressive.

I found a shot glass, empty, of course, in my handbag.

Picked up lottery tickets for the Power Ball.  Why do I even bother?

Waiting until Monday for my teeth to bond.  What the hell?  I have heard of bonding with a new born or a pet, but teeth?

Went out for pizza and ran into Scott and Bobby.  Well, let’s just say the beers tasted mighty good.

Moved on down the road, where the whole gang was there, drinking…. you got it:  Beer.

Having half my wits about me  (yes, I am a half wit), I decided I was bloated beyond belief and came home.

Looked like a nice evening to have one last beer on the deck.

Nope. Ran out of beer.

Hello Baileys.

Nothing like sipping Baileys out of a red paper cup.

But I should have noticed the chairs were still wet from the monsoon yesterday.

Time to give it up for today, get to bed early and resolve to be productive tomorrow.

All I can say about today is :  Oh for crazy!