At 5pm, leaving work…

I had a melancholy feeling.

The sun was shining.

Magnificent cloud formations.

Warm breeze.

Wonderfully green grass, for August.

Corn fields growing well beyond their normal size.

And then I thought of N. Korea.

Do they really want to destroy all this?


Our little planet is so very beautiful.


Every season with its own delightful display.

I am saddened when I think that there are those who would joyfully destroy all of this.

And themselves.

A death wish?

The opportunity to gain infamy and attention?

I don’t get it.

Until that day, when a mad man pushes the button of destruction,  I vow to enjoy every minute of this wondrous world, along with all of God’s creatures.

It is miraculous that we are here.





If only….




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