You know what?

I don’t care if anyone reads my blog.


Because that is the way I am.

I like to work all day, party for an hour or so, and then when I finally creep on home, it is my time.

A time to blog.

I never have a hidden agenda.

I just sit down, start typing and #5@%@%@%5 comes out.


Had a lovely time with friends.

Ray and Patti, of course.

And all the others who flocked around the old chicken butt, like it was her last day on earth.

2 doubles and the CB was flayed out like a deboned chicken wing.

I have never seen so many wings, at one gathering, especially the Boom Booms.

As she graciously left the establishment, stumbling out the door, the CB came home to the Oh Wow cat, out on the deck, crying his Oh Wow Ass off.

And the little goof, Puff Daddy, who met the CB at the basement door.

The 3 of us are home now.

So now what?

Hey, kids, I am going out on the deck to pop open a cold one.

And to give thanks for another day of total nonsense.


Until tomorrow……




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