Stuff that happened today:

A friend said, “Oh my!  You are losing weight?”

I said:  “No, my boobs got bigger so everything else looks smaller.”

I shared a crazy monkey utube with my bar buddies:

He sniffed and fell out of the tree.

The HR manager quit.  I think she might have been there a week or so. Let’s just say Mooch lasted longer.

It rained in the front of the warehouse today, but not in the back of the warehouse.

I ran into Scott tonight.  After a few drinks, I asked him:  “Hey did you eat paint when you were a kid?”

He did.

Chris is quitting.

Pat retired.

Annie is leaving.

The HR manager is history.

Guess who is left standing?

Yes, the grand old chicken butt.

Well, not exactly standing.

She has issues with her legs.

They get wobbly after she drinks her vitamin C.

I think they call it scurvy.

(wink wink)

I hope everyone enjoyed this Wednesday, August 2, as much as I did.

Let’s do it again….. tomorrow.




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