Accidents can happen in a blink of an eye.

Coming home:  driving down the road, speed limit 40.

Maybe doing 45, or less, and the traffic was moderate.

Suddenly the car in front of me decides to turn into a driveway.

No warning, just out of the blue.

I pushed the brake pedal hard.

The car following me also stopped on a dime, but…the car following …. not so.


Here we are:

Car 1:  Turned with no signal, and no slowing down, onto a dirt driveway.

Car 2:  Me. Braking hard.

Car 3:  Also braking hard.

Car 4: Slammed into car 3, destroying the front end of his car #4.

Car 3: damage to the back of his car, pulled off to the side of the road.

It happened within 10 seconds, maybe less.

Life is kind of like that.

We cruise along life’s highway, on a normal Thursday evening.

And then?

Out of the blue!

Into the black!

I hope you are all safe tonight, with your families.

Give thanks for another day of living and loving.

Until tomorrow,



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