Oh boy.

It’s Friday.

Should be a breeze, the last day of the work week.


So much for that Pollyanna thinking.

After a flurry of craziness this morning, Barb rescued me and took me to the Shake and Steak where we kicked back and had an unbelievably tasty lunch.

To top it off, 2 milkshakes please.

Oink oink.

The week had its moments, that’s for sure.

It was Scotty and Scott’s 5th anniversary.  Congratulations on a happy and successful partnership.

Sissy Belle and I had our Girls’ night out on Thursday.   A great dinner at Hops:  Broiled salmon.

Pat, Barb, Erica and I met on Monday night for dinner, to celebrate Pat’s retirement….. in a raging rain storm.

Christopher has found a new job, and will be leaving.  I love that kid, and will miss him tremendously.

Lil Annie will soon be climbing the stairway to heaven, or prepress, whichever you prefer, to pursue a new career path.  I don’t even want to think about not seeing her everyday, in her wild leggings and colorful outfits.  Such a bright kid.  I know she will be successful.

Last weekend, I was honored to be a guest at Ray’s birthday dinner.  Wow. What a fun time. Great food.  Really a fabulous treat to be with Ray and his lovely wife.

Am so happy for Carol and Dave, in Florida, having found their dream home.  I miss those 2.  Hope they drive up for a visit this fall.

Am counting down the days until I get rid of this temporary bridge. First order of business:  to bite into an apple or an ear of corn.   August 17th.  Yes!

Had some amazing success at work, not because of anything I did.  It was team work at its best.  I wonder sometimes if anyone really appreciates the hoops the workers go through to get the work done…. even in the steamy heat and humidity of the summer.

Rambling done for tonight.

Puff Daddy is stretched out, still alive, but looking mighty frail.

The Oh Wow cat is outside.  He loves to “cat” around in the dark, on a warm night in August, when it doesn’t rain.  And lately, that is a rarity.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Take some time for yourself, to rejuvenate and  relax.






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