A spectacular Saturday.

Cool, comfortable and crazy.

So productive.

Laundry, Shopping, etc etc etc.

And then….. Breakfast time!


No bartender?


So Marco had to pour me a vitamin C breakfast.

I think he may have overdone it.

Headed out before I got blitzed, to have a bite for lunch.

Tried to hang in there to see R and P, but….

Let’s just say, I quit while I was behind.

Notice:  I did not say: ahead.

“Hello kitties!  The Cx B is home.”

No response.

P Daddy and OW were sleeping.

“Hey”, I think I heard them say, in cat talk: “What the heck are you doing home so early?”

Hung out for awhile on the deck until the sun starting blazing down on my delicate ancient skin.

Need to change into pjs and have a cold one while I contemplate my navel/life.

Actually, I have no clue what it would be like to contemplate a navel, mine or yours or anyone’s. for that matter.

So don’t believe a word I say.

Until tomorrow, my pretties……..




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