The Beav went to the brewery in Easton last week.

She said it was awesome.

The beer was quite tasty and totally loaded with hops or whatever it is that makes beer loaded.

Of course, the drinker of the brew also enjoys a stronger hoppy experience.

Tonight, I decided to try it.

However, dag nab it, I could not remember the name of that concoction.


“Do you have weisenheimer on tap?”

Bartender:  “Huh?”

Me:  I want to try that beer that everyone loves, you know, wirehoser.”

Bartender:  “Huh?”

Me:  “Wait.  It’s the name of that dog:  Weimaraner.”

Bartender:  “Huh?

Me:  “Let me ask you this?  What do you have on tap?”

Bartender:  “Weyerbacher.”

Me:  “What the heck is that?”

Bartender:  “India Pale Beer.”

Me:  “No thanks.  Do you have a Coors light?”

Bartender:  “You have to be kidding.”

Me:  “Ok, just make it a weisenburger.”





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