Grieving tonight.

I always though the little one would go first.

But the Oh Wow cat died sometime today.

I found him stretched out, at his food dish.

I loved that cat.

Maybe not as much as Jim did, but I am so grateful that he died after Jim did.

Jim took that cat into our home, as a kitten, night after night, hugging him, making him comfortable, until it became a ritual.

Each night, every day of his kitten/cat life, he was the most loving cat, waiting for Jim to hug him.

When Jim was gone, he was forced to hang with the Cx Butt.

It was ok, but I knew he always longed for his best friend.

Now he is gone.

His ashes will be with Jim’s.

And when P Daddy gives up the struggle, the 3 of them will be united.

Until then., thank you Oh Wow for making me laugh, and for hanging out with me after Jim passed.

Rest in peace….






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