It was a show down.

The boys were waiting, with their guns in their pants.

When the varmint  finally walked in, they played it cool.

In 20 seconds, it was over.

He opened mouth:  Said crazy stuff, and the good guys blasted him…. with water.

If you have never witnessed a water attack, in a bar room, well, let me tell you:  It was Dodge City, all over again.

The villain was slain.

Ok, he was drenched.

He drank his beer, put his tail between his legs and left.



He is back.

Mouthing nonsense.

Guess what?

Hey Mikey!

He likes it.

What a hoot.

It was a crazy time.

Every time I stop at that watering hole, I can’t stop laughing and enjoying myself.

My new philosophy:

Find your happy place and go to it.

And do crazy things that will build friendships and bonding.

Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Hope you are enjoying……

If not, do you like pina coladas?




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