It was one of those laid back days.

Puff Daddy woke me up around 7am and we hung out until noon, just kicking back and enjoying the warm summer day.

After P Daddy had lunch, I decided to hop down to the bar to have a few beers and pizza.

I had a lovely time, playing the role of the deranged greeter of the bar/restaurant, and moved on down the highway to the next watering hole.

Oh yeah!

What a great afternoon.

Met some new folks, drank a whole lotta Coors and made a wise decision to get the heck home before the T storm.

A beer swizzling day if I ever did see one.

Sometimes I need a day to schmooze, laugh, relax and enjoy.

Watched the little league world series playoff :  CT and ME, WA and OR:  So entertaining.

Didn’t even turn on the news.

I am saturated with Trump and North Korea.

I needed a break.

And I got it.

Sometimes the headline news takes the joy out of living.

Yes, we live in a dangerous world.

For some reason, there are those who want to destroy it.

For now, you and I are still alive, going about our daily living.

If it ended tomorrow, would you regret not doing the things that made you happy?

Don’t let that happen.

See you tomorrow for a few more beers.




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