It was a fabulous Friday

Here are 10 reasons why…

  1.  The grass and trees are alive and green, in the middle of August. I am enjoying every moment of this extraordinary summer in Pennsylvania.
  2. My little cat, who hates to be alone, greeted me as I came home tonight.  She is so frail, and sickly, but she has the will and drive to keep living.  What an inspiration.
  3.  A friend of mine has made the decision after 30 years, to embark on a new path.  It takes courage and confidence to abandon the old, and to bring in the new.
  4. I am finding that a weekend does not have to be filled with plans.  Sometimes, we need to kick back, find a good book and order a pizza.
  5. Being alone can be a good thing, if you are happy with who you are.
  6. After work, I met at least 10 people.  I couldn’t help it.  I love meeting people.
  7. I decided that I would reach out to those who inspire me, and pass on the others.  It was a refreshing change.
  8. Drama?  I don’t think so.  Less is more.
  9. The looming threat of war is just that.  I have to trust that our leaders have our best interests at heart.
  10. I heard Jose is coming back to our facility.  Watch out John.  You know Jose is cuter.  hahahahah




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