Yes, I have to admit it.

I have a problem with Mondays.

Monday night, that is.

I climb the stairway to heaven.

The bustle in my hedgerow is overwhelming.

I wait for it….. as I wonder.

Meanwhile Christine has a peaceful easy feeling.

While Chris is on the big jet airliner.

And Jimmy?

He is over the top, burning out his fuse out there alone.

Geez.  I wonder if he knows there is a bar across from his home away from home.

Colleen aka Olivia, hightailed to the pole dancing place, where Bryan was singing, “Take a load off, Annie.”

And the Chicken Butt was in her alter ego role as the greeter/bouncer of the place, meeting the one and only, Larry Bird.

Finally, as the twilight turned to craziness, Princie came out of nowhere and had a few cocktails before he went back into hiding.

For those of you who are wondering about Princie, well, don’t ask.

No one has ever seen Princie, except of course in the Rainy Day Women song:

“I wouldn’t feel so all alone. Every body should get stoned.”

Good night Princie.






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