Great balls of fire!

Today was a ballsy day.

It takes a whole lot of fluff, to get me riled up, and it rarely surfaces.

But when it does.

I prefer to lay it all out:  to discuss, to explain, to understand, and to come to some sort of compromise.

And it took some time, but it did happen.

But that is work.

After work, that is another story.

There are some things that just cannot be tolerated.

Not just at work.

But also in America.

We take one step forward and two steps back.

Hatred, prejudice, bigotry, and intolerance seem to be prevailing.

What happened to us?

Can we continue to live with ourselves and our neighbors in combat?

Do we come together, to try to understand one another, armed with weapons?

Do we believe that in this country, we are civilized?

Or are we just fooling ourselves?

Has anything changed?

For the better?

For the worse?

I am disillusioned with our leadership, our resolve and our failure to move on with life.

To embrace diversity and to live in peace.

To find the courage to say enough is enough and to come together, peacefully, to settle our differences and to obliterate the reasoning that one race is superior to another.

I fear that our democracy is at stake,

And for the most part, most of us just sit back, observe and let it happen.

We vocalize our opinions, we post our feelings on social media, we divide ourselves into liberals or conservatives.

But don’t we all want the same thing?

To be able to live our lives, in peace, and to let others do the same?

Yes, there is evil in this world.

There are those who would like to destroy us…. and themselves.

I just don’t understand how the human animal has become so knowledgeable, over all these centuries, only to fight one another.

Will we finally destroy one another?

And for what?

My thought tonight:  May you and your family and friends be safe and secure.

And tomorrow, may we all find the path to acceptance of one another.

Count me in.

If we all join together, how can we fail?




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