The day of the jackal.


Did I say jackal?

How about jack ass?

And (thunderous applause):  It is I.

Yes, Pogo, we have met the enemy and he is us.

I had a jackass kind of day.

Some people are in a New York State of Mind and others have left their hearts in San Fran, but me?

Well, it was just one of those kind of days that defied reason.

Yeah, I got my permanent bridge.

No, I will never be able to eat an apple, or an ear of corn, the normal way.

And pizza?  I will still have to cut it into pieces.

The bridge spans 5 teeth.

And the more teeth?

Well, the more pressure it puts on the bridge.

Some day it could be the Bridge on the River Kwai.

Blown up by a bite, into the crunchy side of life.

So, I can either resolve to eat oatmeal, yogurt and noodles,

Or I can defy gravity and bite into a bagel or a lemon, and boom!


Actually, that is the good news of today.

The rest of the day went to hell in a hand basket.

Until tonight, when I decided to let it all hang out, and ran into new and old friends.

When I got home, I saw 2 gorgeous tomatoes sitting outside.

A present from a good friend, from his garden.

I wonder if I can bite into one of those sweet, lovely balls of happiness?

Or maybe I should just forget it and eat a long hot.

Don’t ask.

It’s a long story.

Until tomorrow,





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