Following the torrential rains of yesterday, the weather improved, but…

I slept til 1030am and missed the breakfast club.

The humidity was oppressive.

I found a shot glass, empty, of course, in my handbag.

Picked up lottery tickets for the Power Ball.  Why do I even bother?

Waiting until Monday for my teeth to bond.  What the hell?  I have heard of bonding with a new born or a pet, but teeth?

Went out for pizza and ran into Scott and Bobby.  Well, let’s just say the beers tasted mighty good.

Moved on down the road, where the whole gang was there, drinking…. you got it:  Beer.

Having half my wits about me  (yes, I am a half wit), I decided I was bloated beyond belief and came home.

Looked like a nice evening to have one last beer on the deck.

Nope. Ran out of beer.

Hello Baileys.

Nothing like sipping Baileys out of a red paper cup.

But I should have noticed the chairs were still wet from the monsoon yesterday.

Time to give it up for today, get to bed early and resolve to be productive tomorrow.

All I can say about today is :  Oh for crazy!





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