It may not sound very nice, but it is true:  I had a ball removed today.

I was tired of that @$@$!@5# ball.

It irritated me day and night.

5am:  Waking up to the ball in my mouth.

Noon:   Trying to eat lunch with that damn ball in my way.

5pm:  Even a few drinks did not eliminate that bally feeling.

Reminded me of that old song :”You lost that ballsy feeling….”  Righteous Brothers, right?

My tongue would automatically cling to the ball, as I went through my daily life.

After one day in the desert sun, I saw birds and rocks and balls.

4 days later, and I had to call:

Doctor Doctor give me the news.  I’ve got a bad case of loving my ball.

“Yeah, ok, be here at 11am.”

In a few minutes, it was over.

I am now ball-less.

I celebrated tonight.

Toasted to what was…. and what no longer existed.

Later?  I am putting that ball under my pillow,  pretending I am asleep, while the ball fairy pays me a visit.

Want to hear a secret?

I miss that ball.

Remember:  Be careful what you ask for. It just might come true.


The Chicken B without a B


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