Some days are predictable.

Some days , well, you just have to manage by the seat of your pants.

Other days, well, you just have to wing it.

Today, the wing it took over until almost 3pm.

Then, as the clocked ticked on, my mind focused on dinner tonight.

Yes, Prime Rib.


An after dinner drink.

And then?

Back to the neighborhood, only to be joined by people who love to laugh, and to forget about the trials and tribulations of the day.

What a crazy hoot.

As twilight set in, the chicken butt headed home to feed sassy Puff Daddy, who, in on her 11th life.  She has surpassed the 9th life that cats are known to have.

Just as I  have surpassed the average life span of a normal human being.

Did I say normal?

My favorite part of today?

No one mentioned politics.

No one criticized anyone else.

We were all in it together, putting aside our differences, whether we were at work or at play.

How refreshing is that?

Work hard, play hard, while enjoying those who were there, in any particular moment.

Friday tomorrow.

Hope you sleep well, and look forward to the weekend.




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