Questions for this Friday:

By the way, there is no answer.  Well, I don’t have one, anyway.


  1.  Have you ever tried to explain a problem to an IT person?
  2. Why does a 145 lb. boxer get televised before the fight, in his briefs, with a sausage in his pants?
  3. Have you ever been employed in a customer service position? And if so, are you still sane?
  4. At the end of their  productive lives, cats and dogs get euthanized, a merciful death.  Why not people?
  5. Did Noah really allow insects on the ark?
  6. If you are a working person, does your attitude change on Fridays….. and Mondays?
  7. If you had won the power ball lottery, would you announce it to the world?
  8. You have a choice: Health, Wealth or Happiness?
  9. Country, rock or new age?
  10. Do you really read these ridiculous blogs?  And if so, are you nuts?



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