How you feeling about the world today?




Americans against Americans.

Dem vs Reps.

Have vs. Have nots.

What is happening to our world?

I have decided that criticism is tearing us apart.

We may/may not agree with others, and that is ok.

Can we give it a break?

Can we agree to live and let live?

And for now, to do whatever we can, to support our brothers and sisters in Texas and Louisiana?

When every person in the path of Harvey has been accounted for, and is safe, it may be the time to start over again.

Life has never been fair.

So what?

Let’s just take care of those who need us the most right now.

And do what we can to ensure that those who have survived this massive storm, can be assured that we are here for them, to support them, and to provide for them.

We live in a very privileged world.

It is up to us to share with those who are suffering.

God Bless Texas!

And Louisiana!

You can count on us.

You will survive!

And we will be there, for whatever you need.





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