Pat, who retired, decided to celebrate by bringing lunch to her old cube mates.

Come on now.

Sure, she looks good.

Yeah, she looks happy.

Ok, so she sleeps in every day.

She does what she feels like doing.

She bakes cupcakes with her grands, and picks out colored duct tape from Home Depot.

She has engaged her hubby to help with painting.

Yes, we miss her.

Yes, we admire her.

Yes, we hate her.


Not really.

Actually, we love to hear about her new life.

She has worked for many years, and is finally enjoying what she loves to do.

Retirement is not for everyone.

Some people prefer to work.



She prepared for a life after work, and she is living every minute, to the fullest.

Enjoy, Pat.

You deserve it.

And thank you, for the great lunch.

But mostly, thank you for stopping by to visit with your greatest fan club: The back room goofs.

We love you!

And hope you will continue to keep in touch.




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