Looking back on the week….

Harvey destroys lives and property in Texas and Louisiana, while Irma stews in the Atlantic.

The queen gets crowned, twice, at the dentist.

My fabulous cousin did some research to help me find my long lost brother.

Wild, frantic days at work for the Chicken Butt, who has been seen pecking out her few remaining feathers.

Had lunch with Pat and a drink with Todd: Both recently retired.  Geez!  They look great!

August ends, as the summer of 2017 slowly fades away.

Violence and uncertainty reign supreme in the world.  Chaos appears to be the message of the moment.

Tom Petty winds down his 40th reunion tour.

The grass is still green on Sept 1, 2017.

Someone/thing had a feather fight in the parking lot at work.  Or a pillow exploded.

The holiday weekend looms with a Jameson/Coors party at Ray and Patti’s on Sunday.

Barb and I enjoyed lunch together twice this week: At Panera and Perkins.  What a great break from work.

It is Friday night and I am exhausted.  7pm and ready to call it a night.

Sometimes, we all need to recognize our limitations.

Wait! That was the voice of reason.

To hell with that.

The monkey on my shoulder just popped open another one.






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