Oh boy!

A 3 day weekend.

Too bad that I am totally exhausted on a Friday night.

Lots of challenges this past week.

730pm, in my pjs and can’t wait to catch some zzzzzzs.

Woke up Saturday morning, with an aching ear.

To the  urgent care I go

Hi ho , hi ho.

Another round of drops.

Had to end my day early.

Nighty night.

And then, in a blink of an eye, it was Sunday.

My, how the weekend is flying.

Time to vacuum, dust, change the bed, etc, and then off to a Margarita and taco party.


I stopped for a cold one and ran into a couple of goofs, so we had a few more.

When I arrived at the party, I could not have asked for more:

Great conversation, cold drinks and a wonderful display of Mexican food.

When I called it a night, it was twilight, and getting chilly.

Autumn has arrived in the Valley.

Here I go again.

Tired, but this time, not from working, but from having a wonderful time, and laughing my ass off.

Labor Day tomorrow.

Time to say good bye to summer, and hello to fall.

I love the 4 seasons.




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