What happened to the weekend?

It’s Tuesday.

The Labor Day weekend is gone.

Irma is knocking on heaven’s door.

Devastation in Texas and Louisiana, and now?

Another act of Nature, bigger than the last?

As predicted:

Here comes the deranged dictator, entering the scene.

N. Korea?

Are you serious?

You starve your people, hold them hostage to a regime that honors death and destruction?

Our world, this earth, is in peril.

Like it has been said:  Power, absolute power, corrupts.

And for what?

To lead the sheep to the slaughter, for a shallow, empty victory?

For me?

I have been called naïve.

It has been known that I am a liberal.

But I believe in life and the human spirit.

Just how did some of these mad men get control of our world?





Isn’t life difficult enough without the threat of impending doom?

I hope you hold your loved ones close tonight.

I believe that we must live every moment, to the fullest.

Life is fleeting.

Life is not fair.

Life is short.

But life is, after all, the most precious gift we have.

I hope we all live ….. to enjoy this short stay on this earth, and somehow, together, pave the path for our children and their children, to live in peace, and hope.




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