There are some things I just don’t care for.

It could stem from my upbringing, or my taste buds, or my environment, or it just happened somewhere along the path of life.

We all have our preferences.

Aside from the biggies, like war and violence, injustice and abuse, I have a specific list of those things that just irritate me.

  1.  A visit to the dentist.
  2.  Seeing a dead animal in the street.
  3. A sinus/ear infection.
  4. The “check engine” light.
  5. April 15th.
  6. Jeans that used to fit.
  7. Uprooted trees.
  8. Kids who live in a dysfunctional family.
  9. Power outages.
  10. Homeless people treated poorly.

Ok, so this list is not all inclusive, and these things, are not, of course,  among the world’s greatest irritants.

It just felt good to express those things.

You know, to whine a little.

Speaking of whining, let’s all skip to the next level: wining.

A toast to all of you:  May the things that irritate you, inspire you to take action to alleviate the pain.

And, if any of you find a way to alleviate the trauma of the trip to the dentist, well, hello!!!




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