After a rough ride today, through the working hours,  I stopped to focus on Irma, as she barreled through the Islands heading for Florida.

And then I read about the earthquake, in Mexico.

What the hell?

Between Harvey and Irma we have seen:

Islands destroyed.

Families uprooted.

Homes in shambles.

Lives lost.

And the impending doom for the Florida peninsula.

Is this the end of the world, as we know it?

So many people, on the road, seeking safe havens, wondering what the future holds.

I have to admit:  I could not handle the magnitude of the unfolding tragedy.

I retreated, to the nearest bar, sought comfort from friends and neighbors, along with a few double screw drivers, and tried to focus on those things that I can control.

It isn’t much.

Not really.

But we shared laughs and hugs and after a few hours, we reluctantly went home, to face reality.

My thoughts and prayers to those in the path of destruction.

No more laughs.

No more craziness.

Vigilance:  We will wait, watch, and hope for the best.

A solemn night, for sure.

May tomorrow bring us renewed hope, as we live through the storm, into the light of possibilities.





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