There are nights when the dreams never stop.

They seem very real.

When I wake up, I wonder if I was just dreaming or whether these crazy ass things really did happen.

Today, I slept until 1030am.

Plenty of time to get a few extra nightmares in.

Groggy  and foggy eyed, I tried to make sense of it all.

Two hours later, fortified by coffee, I decided I better get to the grocery store.

After all, what crazy woman would ever want to run out of beer and cashews?

My downfall was stopping for lunch.

Oh yeah!


Eagles vs Redskins.

Pizza, beer, a few conversations with the patrons, until the Eagles prevailed.

On to the next stop.

Should I?

Stop for just one more?

Oh boy.

All guys and the chicken butt at the bar.

What a hoot.

I really need to re-examine my actions, and work on a plan to grow up.

After another few hilarious hours, I came  home to feed Puff Daddy, and to realize I had not done a damn thing this weekend, other than to party, feed the cat and pick up beer and cashews.


Oh no.

It is Monday.


I hope you all had a productive weekend.

I didn’t.

But then again, maybe it was better than productive.

It sure felt good.





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