An adventure to be remembered:  The pepper festival.

1030am:  On our way.

The streets in the village of Bowers were over run with traffic, cars and people.

Parking?  Well, just find a spot and start walking.

Wait: Here is the Bower’s Hotel, famous for its bloody marys.

Oh yeah.

One more please.

Laughing and carrying on and acting like a couple of idiots was the theme of the day.

This old chicken butt had many photo ops today, all because I wore that ridiculous Dory hat with the flippers.

Sissy and I decided we better get the heck out of Dodge, if we were ever going to the festival.

Walked around from stand to stand, looking for scorpion peppers and jalapena jam.

And then?

Back to the hotel for peach sangrias.

Hey Sissy!  Are you, by any chance, hungry?

To the Italian restaurant we went and had a wonderful dinner.

Then on to our local pub to enjoy the rest of the day.

The events that followed defied all reason.

Let’s just say that we laughed so hard that our jaws hurt.

It was a fabulous day, in every way, even if Sissy forgot to turn off her car when we pulled up to the bar.

My final advice: “Say goodnight, Chicken B.”

“Goodnight, everyone.”

Until tomorrow……




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