14 years, we worked together…. not in the same location, but on the same account, partnering. so to speak.

When I first encountered Anna, on the phone, we were newbies, taking on a monster account, together.

She was in NY.



Our Sales guy?  Paul.  Oh my!  What a great guy!

We worked through the issues, with Paul, leading the way, until, he got promoted.

Alert: Change!

Then, it was Anna and I, and Laurie and Heather.

Many years passed.

Stringent processes were put in place.

When Laurie left, it was Heather, Anna and I.

Alert: Change!

We struggled through all the issues, until our company split.

Then it was just Anna and I.

Heather landed a great job with one of the spin off companies.

Alert: Change!

By that time, Anna was working from home.

So it was just the two of us, working with our Metlife contacts.

Then Met split up.

The account dwindled.

Anna and I became the sole survivors.

Alert! Change!

Work force reduction.

Today was Anna’s last day.


Now what?

Just the Chicken Butt left with the remnants of what once was…..

Thank you Paul, Laurie, Heather and Anna.

I can’t believe it has come to this.

I prefer to work in a team.

I prefer to run something by you:  To see what you think, to come up with solutions for our account.

Alert! Change!

It will never be the same.

However, I will never forget how much I learned from all of you and how much I miss you…. and now, am adding Anna Banana to that list.

The caged bird continues to sing, but the songs just aren’t the same.

Alert! Change!

Memories of our time together :  priceless.


Kick back.

Give yourself time to adjust to your new life.

And enjoy it to the fullest.




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