Upset stomach: Both PDaddy and I.  Gave PD a bath:  OUCH!

Discombobulated from news of Dee’s death.

Feeling out of sync.

Ventured out before the Pig Roast.

Stopped for a beer, and then met P and R for another.

Pig roast was a success: Well organized, great food.

Off to Hummels.

OMG:  Such a wild time.

Another ridiculously insane experience.

Hey Tim!  That chocolate martini was spectacular.  Thanks!

One more stop: Specs.

Such a spectacular series of conversation, discussing topics like BF Skinner, Maslov and Roofies.

Who knew BF Skinner’s first name was Burrhus?

Laughed so hard, my face is frozen, in place.

Finally left, after a full day of absolute nonsense.

It is time for me to decide what I want to be when I grow up.

Guess what?

Ain’t gonna happen.

Happy Saturday, everyone!!!




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