Mother Nature was in one of her worst moods.

She ravaged the Caribbean, devastating Puerto Rico, and at the same time, wreaked her havoc on Mexico.

Once again, we humans are no match for what Mother has in store for us.

Possessions have been lost, and sadly, we begin to realize that possessions are fleeing and really not that important, when death and destruction reign.

What matters is the lives of those who are struggling, after the vicious onslaught of Harvey, Irma and Maria.


Yeah, ok.

But first, let us take care of those who are lost, stunned, at the turn of events.

I believe that:

America will rise to the crisis, regardless of what our politicians preach.

We are not an isolated country, an island, where greed and control exist.

Deep in the hearts of our citizens, we will do as we have always done:  Take care of those who need our help.

Feed the children.

Give hope to those who feel hopeless.

Reach into our resources and give generously, to our brothers and sisters who so desperately need our help.

We may not be able to help everyone, but if each of us adopts one family, to lessen their load, we can make a difference.

America is great.

It always has been.

We wear out hearts on our sleeves.

And we do whatever we have to do, to take care of those in need.




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