An interview:  Between the Wolf and the Banana:

“How was your day, Ms Banana?”

“Why do you ask, Mr Wolf?  If you really want to know, show me your banana and I will show you mine.”

“Now, now, Ms B. You are really quite out of line.  I am merely asking you to describe your day.”

“Listen, you SOB.  I had a rough one. And you know I did.  As a matter of fact, I worked my axx off today.”

“Are you insinuating that a banana has an axx?”

“Shut up, you goofy Wolf.  You couldn’t put a patch on my axx.”

“Yes, however, what great skin you have.”

“All the better to have you slip on it.”

“Are you saying that you are willing to peel off your exterior and to lay down Sally, to rest here, in my arms?”

“No.  I just want to spend my life span of a week, turning from yellow to black.”

“Do you happen to be related to Neil Young?”

“Hey, hey, my, my!  You mean you listen to rock and roll that will never die?”

“Yes, I have heard that life is like this:  Out of the blue, into the black.”

“All right. Let’s dance.  Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.”

“Oh, yeah.  Your theme song just might be: Dances with wolves.”

“Isn’t it wonderful how 2 seemingly unrelated entities are united forever, in this life?”

“It happens.  Life takes unexpected twists and turns, and somehow, somewhere, sometime, a banana and a wolf, stroll down the path of life together, in a fog of a blog.”

“Oh that!  What a ridiculous notion:  A blog about a bananawolf, with very little factual stories.  If I didn’t know better, I would guess that the  bananawolf is half in the bag when she sits down to write.”

“Of course she is.  And guess what?  She has decided to keep on blogging while in the bag, as long as she is still alive and ripe.”

“Can we call it a night, for now?”

“Well….. I will consider it.”


“When you show me your banana….. and I will show you mine.”






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