Did you, at any time today, have a meaningful conversation with someone?

Did you make a difference in anyone’s life?

How about making someone feel good, or thanking them for what they had done for others?

When you met your friend/coworker/stranger, did you make any of them feel good?

I had a very busy day, at work, and had very little time to converse with those around me.

And when I left the work place, I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

I drove to the place where everybody knows my name, and found Scott there.

And then, in walks Bryan and Jimmy.

And of course, Colleen was there.

We all live our separate lives, but somehow, remain connected.

We genuinely like one another.

We relax together, after a hectic day.

We console, tease, corrupt, and sympathize, all in a matter of an hour or two.

And when we leave, to head on home, we leave with a smile, knowing our unlikely friendships will last as long as we do.

Thanks, Scott, Jimmy, Bry and Colleen.

Can’t wait to do it again.




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