How sweet or how sad?

Knowing one’s limitations?

Being asked to rise to the occasion, when the mind says “yes” and the body says “no.”

As we age, we think we can, we think we can…. but we plum damn run out of the ability to do it.

Tonight, my coworkers are spending the evening, working on getting a major project accomplished.

They will continue throughout the night, and into tomorrow.

All are welcome to join in.

However, the Chicken Butt aka The Wolf, is so wiped out from the week’s activities, that she has to decline.


Not so much.

In my younger days, I would have plunged into the challenge, and enjoyed it.

Not so much now.

It hurts…… to stand for hours on a concrete floor.

But more importantly, it hurts not to be able to keep up the pace, and to accept my limitations.

It just may be time for me to reconsider what I am doing with my life.

When I make the decision, it will rest on my effectiveness and my happiness.

Can I cut it?

Or should I cut it?

Either way, I refuse to be a beast of burden.


I walk for miles, my feet are hurting.

Just kidding.

Later, kids.

It just may be the time for me to accept who I am, what I am, and if I really do contribute…

Tune in, again, tomorrow, for this never ending saga….





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