Breakfast club this morning:  It was a soul wrenching experience.

Denise’s brother: Died, suddenly, yesterday.  She needed to see us, at breakfast, to try to feel some normalcy.

Sue went to her grand daughter’s graduation : Navy, boot camp.  It turned out to be a family disaster, and now Sue and her daughter are not speaking to one another.

Susie’s husband, still in chemotherapy. If that isn’t enough, there were issues with his chemo doctor, who is now his former doctor.  Thank goodness, we have choices for our medical needs.

I, on the other hand, was just plain too pooped to pop.

In a rare turn of events, I kept my big mouth shut during breakfast, listening to my friends talk it out.

I believe it was therapeutic.

Dana was dining at the restaurant, and came over to greet us. Another one of the original hires, from our employer:  14 + years ago.

As I walked to my car, Denise was standing in the parking lot, crying.  She told me her mother had just called her, to let her know that her aunt had died yesterday.  2 family members on the same day.

Life can change in a heart beat…. or the lack of a heart beat.

Love, laugh and live, with every beat of your heart, today, for tomorrow may never come.

My thoughts are with my friends tonight.

A sad day, for our little group of breakfast clubbers.

I hope our October breakfast will bring better news.




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