After laughing my ass off, with the most unlikely friends ever, I came home tonight, smiling.

The work day?  Brutal.

Responsible?  Of course, even for those things, beyond my control.

To kill a mockingbird, or a messenger?

No distinction.

I am who we are.

Take the sword.

Take the bullet.

It’s ok.

To the  customer, we are what we deliver.


It’s always about who can do better, faster and cheaper.

It is, and always has been, the ability to completely satisfy the customer, at a very competitive price.

Even that is changing:

Companies need instant gratification:  Ship today! Do it with perfection.  And if you can’t?  Well, there are plenty of other options.

Whatever happened to long term relationships?

Or to loyalty?

Or to partnering?

Today, we need to continue to get better and better.


Reduced costs!

Continuous improvements.

Constant, meaningful communication.

The bond between the supplier and the customer :  So very important.

Ok, so I left the work place to have a few drinks with those who have similar problems:, as contractors, supervisors, hourly workers, managers, and owners of their businesses.

We connected, not in a business sense, but in a crazy, laid back, humorous hour or two.

For the few hours we were together, we left our problems behind, and just enjoyed each moment.

A drunkard’s dream if I ever did see one……





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