Just could not comprehend all the world’s problems today.

No matter what I thought about, it was not uplifting.

Health care, N. Korea, Puerto Rico, protests, head games, Iran, the middle east, Africa, Venezuela, Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Islands destroyed in the ferocious hurricanes, Houston, Key West.

I cannot keep up.

And then in my little bubble:  Howie’s health scare, my lost brother, Jimmy’s anniversary on Saturday:  One year, already, that he died.  Moving my cube from the back to the front, issues with my accounts, hoping my little kitty can hang in there just a little longer, a need to go home, to Minnesota to see my family.

Tonight, however, Sissy Belle and I went to a wonderful Italian Restaurant, and had a few glasses of wine, and great food.  The waitress?  Wait a minute. Don’t I know you?  It’s Brynn!  Missy’s daughter!  What a fun time.

On we went, to Specs, for a night cap.  And who did we meet?  Justin Beaver, Ali, the Sausage man, and the lion from the Wizard of Oz.

It was a hoot.

You should have seen that lion.

A spitting image of that goofy cowardly lion in the film.  And she needed no makeup.

Rather than croak, from laughing, we hit the road Jack.

Escaping from the realities of the world today was a much needed respite.

Sometimes, we think too much.

Actually, we tend to worry about those things that are beyond our control.

For tonight, at least, the gloom and doom lifted, and life was fun again.

Enjoying what we have, now, is all there is.

As long as we are still here, by some miracle, alive and well, let’s make the most of it.

Tomorrow? Friday:  Let’s give thanks for another day on this planet, and share what we have with those who don’t have….





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