Ever have such a jam packed day that you wished you were a peanut butter sandwich?

Or an Oscar Meyer Weiner?

Or maybe just a government official, flying around in private jets?  As they say, “Money for nothing, chicks for free.”

My new cube. Do I like it?

I can’t say I do… or I don’t.

It was a day without that kind of reflection.

More like a snow storm in October in Minnesota:  Find a shovel and dig out of the driveway.

By 5pm, the driveway was snow packed, with ruts and ice and remnants of krispy Kreme chocolate doughnuts.

It was not the day to feel warm and fuzzy.

It was the constant falling of snowflakes that barely opened a path to freedom when it was time to leave.

Hello world.

Is anybody out there?

“Not tonight”, said the ghosts who had passed through the blizzard earlier in the day.

Hungry, tired and parched, I did what I despise doing:  Playing games on my phone.


What a hypocrite I am.

At least I had a slice of pizza heaven before I ventured out on the roads.

When I got home, no cat to greet me.

Oh oh.

She must have slinked off to some dark corner, to end her 9th life.

Time to change into my pjs.

I opened the bedroom door, and guess who emerged?

That goofy cat….. locked up all day in the bedroom.

Now she has disappeared again.

It seems that no one wants to communicate with me today.

A Friday like no other.

But then, each and every day blossoms into its own scheming design.

Mine just happened to debate the theory that no man is an island.

After all, it is a really, really big ocean.






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