An evening with the crowd.

Is there anyone you know, who, regardless of the circumstances of the day, stops at the local watering hole, to meet up with friends?

And to spend an hour or two with them?

Just chatting and sharing stories, and having a few drinks?

It could be a blizzard, a tornado, a monsoon, a heat wave, or a foggy, gloomy day.

The worse the weather, the better the conversation.

Driving home  becomes a non issue.

The longer one lingers, the better the ride.

Working for a living is one thing.

But living for the moment, after working, well…..

It becomes a ritual that feels good.

It is really a special feeling to be a part of a crowd that allows you to be who you are.

And to act like an idiot, wear a horse costume, or just hang out with the fruit flies.

Another great ending to a very stressful day.

Can’t wait to do it again.


Never trust a salted potato head

Oh no!

I have to get up tomorrow and wear that ridiculous horse outfit.

It’s not even a cute costume.

It is more like the horse’s ass costume.

Very goofy.

Thank goodness for Barb.

She took me down to the dealership tonight, to pick up my car.

The guys wanted me to wait until tomorrow, but I just couldn’t see my ass….. oops, my horse going into the barn…. oops, the service station, to save a horse… ride a cowboy.

I think tomorrow, I may enter the nearest bar, at the end of the work day, ordering:

“Whiskey for my men, and beer for my horses.”

However, I did order a red one today.

Yes, a new car.

An escape.

I love red ones.

Reminds of the song:

A bottle of reds, a bottle of whites.

Or this one:

If you like pina coladas, let’s escape.

Get it?


Time for me to settle down for the evening.

Goodnight Mr Potato Head.

Goodnight Mickey Mouse and all your friends.  *Chris and Christine

Goodnight, Uncle Jimmy.

One last thought for the night:  Where do you get those NY salted potatoes?



Just horsing around

A bloody Mary?

At 930am?

Watching football from England?

In a horse costume?

On a Sunday?

I forgot to mention: A gloomy, rainy Sunday.

But that did not stop the Vikings nor the Eagles fans.

It was a day of celebration, nonsense and laughter.

We all need that, once in awhile.

“Pack up your troubles and just get happy
Ya better chase all your cares away”

And what better way to end the day then to watch Jeff Dunham and his crazy characters?

I kill you.





Free bird, free falling….

If you had a life of being a wife, or a girl friend, without a break, for the past 50 years….

And you are suddenly single:

Would you?

  1.  Get involved in another relationship.
  2. Feel something is missing and mope around all day
  3. Go on a dating website and see what there is out there.
  4. Pole dance.
  5. Decide to enter a convent.
  6. Quit working and become a bar fly.
  7. Enjoy being free, and never having  to answer to anyone.
  8. Discover yourself.
  9. Get rid of all the stuff you have accumulated over the years.  Less is more.
  10. Donate your time, money, effort to the things that matter.

For me?

I am pondering the choices.

And when I finally decide, I will invite all of you to toast to the future and to our passions.


The possibilities are endless.


Ruffing it




Yes, Fridays might be the ruffest of all the days of the work week.

Just pile it on:  Where is this? Why didn’t you tell me?  Who is in charge? Can you give these 10 or 20 or 30 orders priority?  After all, they are hot.

Solve one problem, 2 more surface.

Just for kicks, how many emails today?

75:  And that is just one of the email accounts.

Throw in the other two, and well, we are over the 100 mark.

Late afternoon alert:  20 hot orders coming at you on Monday.

That is not counting the 200 that will automatically feed into your system over the weekend.

And guess what?

They are all red hot.

I felt like putting up a red flag warning:  Excessive wind in the Chicken Butt’s cube.

Or: hello, hello, hello, is anybody out there?

Shortly after 5pm, I slinked out of the facility, contemplating if I should get a fake id and fly to Bora Bora or stop; at the nearest bar.


I stopped and had one drink;

Only one.

And ventured on to see Sissy B. and George Maxwell, Stormy Bandit, Jinx and RR.

It was a refreshing evening, with the temps taking an autumn like tumble.

But the wine was outstanding and kept me warm.

Home early and  feeling much better.

Spending a few hours with a good friend and her 5 animals make me feel good.


I resolve to be productive.

Ok, so I lie.

It’s the weekend, and we are free to do what we feel like doing.

Hope all of you choose something that will make you feel that it is good to be alive.

For me?

Simple:  No alarm.

No dead lines.

Just a couple of days to kick back, relax, and pole dance.




Decision? Heart or head? Go with your heart.

A sudden blast of autumn air hit this morning.


Can someone please remember to turn off the AC at work?

Freeze frame.

Little heaters whirring all day long.

Someone left the gate open, and I was buried in a mountain of work, right up to the closing bell.

You know what is really sad?

Well, for me…

Working on accounts that leave me isolated.

All day long, I hear people coordinating, partnering, and solving problems.


I am a lone wolf.

My contacts?

In other cities, in the hub, in corporate cyber space.

Problem solving for me is different from the norm.

I have never met most of these people.

Their agenda?

To get things done right… and to get them done now… at the least possible cost.

If they don’t like what I have to say?

Well, they escalate.

And once a final decision is made, I wonder if anyone really believes what I have to say.

I have always loved taking responsibility, and communicating, but I find myself doing less of communicating on a daily basis, in my surroundings, and I feel I just may have out lasted my existence.

It’s ok.

Changes happen.

People move on.

I am not an expert on working relationships.

I can only speak from my heart.

I still go to work feeling like I can handle the issues, but when I leave, feeling empty, I come alive.

I seek out friendly people, hard working people, who may be feeling what I feel.

Something is missing in my work life.

It just may be that missing link that we all feel at the end of our careers.

Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.



Another mystery…. solved.

From a jack to a queen….

Or a crank to a call girl….

Tonight had all the elements of a who done it.


An unfolding mystery.


Does she or doesn’t she?

Enter the sleuths:

Chris aka I wasn’t born yesterday.

Accompanied by Christine:

AKA:  Something ain’t right here.

Bry:  Listen!

Ok, what?

Chx B:  Hello. I am your greeter.  Welcome to the bar with an attitude.

And then, out of the blue, into the black, walks Corey.

Hey!  Dude!

How’s Minnesota?

Colleen intervenes:  You what? You want another double?

Where the hell is Jimmy?

Oh yeah. At the sleeper motel.

Another wonderfully crazy humping Wednesday night.

There is something magical about this crowd.

No matter how stressful the day was, the evening with these folks is a hoot.

Night night.


Wolfy, aka Hooty

Storms never last do they, baby…

Something as normal, yet amazing, happened today.

After a torrential rain and heavy winds, the sky opened up and revealed the sun.

Let the sun shine!

I wonder how many songs have been written about the sun.

You are the sunshine of my life.

Don’t let the sun go down on me.

Have you ever seen the rain coming down on a sunny day?

Sunshine on my shoulder…

Good day sunshine.

House of the rising sun…

Ain’t no sunshine when you’re gone.

For whatever reason, I feel better when it is a sunny day.

Well, except for the blistering, brutal sun glare in the mornings and evening, driving to and from work.

Or when the sun pairs up with the humidity, and wreaks havoc on those who don’t have a pool.

However, there is something especially gratifying when the rain stops and the sun puts on its glorious cloak, to produce a fleeting moment of color, better known as a rainbow.

I guess life is like that.

We have moments of fleeting beauty and happiness.

Even when we embrace those moments, in a matter of time, everything comes to an end.

Lesson to be learned?

Life is beautiful, even in the storm.

We are so busy, we people of this nation, working, to provide for our families, that we miss those fabulous moments that nature has to offer.

Take a few moments tomorrow, as you are traveling to your workplace, to look around you, at the beauty of autumn.




Soak it in.

And carry it with you, all day.

What a fabulous life we have on this planet.

I hope you are enjoying it.

I must admit, that some days, I am preoccupied and I miss out on the splendor of our world.

Shame on me.

Life is all about living in the moment.

Why can this be such a difficult thing to do?

I guess it is that we get wrapped up in stuff that weighs us down.



A partly cloudy sky, with gigantic clouds, floating over a sea of yellow, red and gold trees.

Let’s let go, and just enjoy it!





It’s a long hard road…..

As we slip into Autumn, I feel like being a star.

Do you?

Let me ask:

Drifter, can you make folks cry when you play and sing?
Have you paid your dues?
Can you moan the Blues?
Can you bend them guitar strings?

Boy, can you make folks feel what you feel inside?
‘Cause if you’re big-star bound, let me warn you it’s a long, hard ride.

As I drift through this life, I have attained a certain status:

When I sing, people moan and cry.

My guitar is so out of tone, that I bend those guitar strings.

And do folks feel what I feel inside?

I hope so.

I greet most everyone who happens to pass me by.

The long hard road?

Hells bells, we could swap stories all night about our hard roads.

Some of us, even U2 haven’t found what we’re looking for.

However, on this night, Monday, Oct 23rd, the day Christine was born, those 3 doubles gave me the courage to bend those strings, to moan the blues and to act like the idiot I have always  been.

I wonder, however, if Old Hank did it this way, crying over that damn bird, drinking his ass off, sitting out in the middle of nowhere, talking to the whipper snappers or whatever the hell they were, in a lonesome state of mind.

Moral of the story:  Drinking is good.

I think I will toast to old Hank and his cheating heart.





Do you prefer to plan your weekend? or do whatever comes naturally….

Ever have a day, packed with activity and expectations?

Do you, like me, have so many things going that you need to put it all in writing.

Yes.  A list.

Like today, for example.

Set the alarm for 7.

Breakfast with the girls at 830.

Phone rings:  7am.




Oh Dave! The oil man.

Yeah, I am damn near out of heating oil.

Will I be home today?

Uhm.Well. Ok. I can be.

See you when?

In a few hours?

Ok.  I will make the supreme sacrifice and get dressed.

As I get dressed, I wonder if the girls will think I am a hopeless bum, for not showing up.

Finally, the oil man cometh.



I better get going.

I need to stop at the gas station and then get booze for the party tonight.

Pull into the gas station.

All the pumps are busy.

A rather large SUV is taking up damn near 2 spots, so I head on in, waiting for the big boy to depart.

It doesn’t.

So, I get out of the car and decide to go into the service station and grab a cup of java.

The gal in the SUV stops me:

“Hey! Lady!  Why are you parked in that spot?  Don’t you realize that I do not like backing out?”

“Huh?  Uhm.  I guess I am just a goof and forgot you didn’t like backing out.”

By now, her face is beet red, and she is way over the top in anger.

I think:  Gas rage?  Will she shoot me if I don’t move?  or should I be a smart ass and say?  “Lady?  There ain’t no lady here.”

I reluctantly back up, so the enraged bimbo get drive forward.


This bs has stimulated my appetite.

Pizza please and a beer.

Several beers later, I realize that the party at C and C’s will start shortly.

My list?

Completely a waste of time.

The afternoon?

One bar to another, drinking beer and carrying on like a banshee.

Finally, the party.

What a beautiful place.

12 acres of trees, yard, flowers and privacy.

And such warm and friendly friends.

Great food, laughter, music and a fabulous bon fire to end the evening.

My list?

Oh yeah, my list.

I should have thrown it in the bon fire.

Life is so much better, when it is spontaneous.

Until tomorrow…..