The patriots lost.

The Vikings lost.

Football and horse races: Who really knows?

It was a bloody mary day, with friends, known and unknown, but all of them, a hoot.

I needed to park my hind end on a bar stool, to act like a ridiculous idiot, encouraging the masses to laugh and carry on….. to forget about the world’s problems, if only for awhile.

For 3 hours, this afternoon, what a hoot.

I wish you could have been there.

Always a good time, but today?  A wild, crazy time.

Everyone at the bar, eventually became one entity.

And we laughed, we hugged one another, and we drank to one another.

Bikers, warehouse workers, service men and women, retirees, professional people, and even the mayor of a community:  Enjoying a few hours without the constant worries of those who are suffering, in countries destroyed by war or nature.


We will continue our mission to respond to the needs of Americans in Puerto Rico, contributing in whatever way we can.


Ok guys.

Games are fun.

Win or lose, it really doesn’t matter.

Lives matter.

What is ours is yours.

America!  We take care of those in need.

Our people are free to respond and to protest, in any way they wish.

After all, most of the protesters only want what this country stands for.



Pursuit of happiness!

Love and acceptance for all.

Until tomorrow,….




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